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FORM LETTER CLAIMS ON BEHALF OF THOSE CLAIMING INJURYI was looking for a personal injury lawyer recently when I came upon an ad that said, “personal injury solicitors no win no fee.”, it seemed like a great deal to me, they would try my case and just take parts of the winning. What could be better than that, I don’t have to pay them if we lose the case. You see, I have worked in a factory my entire life and recently got injured on the job. I was no longer able to do the work so they fired me without offering me compensation of any sort. I hope to just be able to get back onto my feet, but the lawyers tell me that I am entitled to so much more, so I am hoping for the best when this gets taken to court. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is an Independent Medical Exam?

If you have been involved in an accident or sustained an injury and liability is an issue, you may be asked to undergo an independent medical exam (IME). An independent medical exam is performed by a doctor or physical therapist who has not had prior involvement in your care. It is important to remember that there is no doctor/patient relationship between yourself and the physician performing the IME.

The Independent Medical Examiner is requested by the worker’s compensation insurance carrier, auto insurance carrier or self-insured employer from which you are expecting to receive disability compensation. The IME is supposed to be an independent opinion used to determine if your medical condition was caused by an event that warrants compensation, the extent and permanency of your injuries and the efficacy of your treatment.

Before your appointment you should be given reasonable notice of the time, location, examiner and scope of the examination. Keep in mind that to receive compensation you will have to surrender all medical treatment notes, lab reports and other relevant information from any doctors or therapists who have treated you. These will normally need to be turned over before your IME.

At your examination it is important to keep in mind that the “independent” examiner is paid by the insurance company. Physicians can make a lot of money by doing regular independent medical exams thus giving them an incentive to find reasons for the insurance company to deny your claim. While at the Independent Medical Exam, you should not ask the examiner for any professional opinions or suggestions. Keep your answers truthful and simple. Exaggerated claims, phantom pains and inconsistencies in your answers or medical history give the examiner reasons to recommend a denial of your claims by attacking your credibility.

While given the facade of being an independent exam, you should never forget that the main purpose of an IME is to be able to collect and document additional evidence for the disability or workers compensation insurance company to deny your claim. Insurance companies may even frame the exam as a means to determine how much to award you.

By going into your IME properly prepared, you will be able to limit the amount of documentation that can be used against you in the claims process. If you have any questions about this complex process or are looking to receive a substantial settlement, you should seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.



Choosing The Right Defense Lawyer: How Important It Is?

When you have criminal charges against you it’s very important to look for the right representation. People usually look for their services when they get involved in an uncertain situation. Although they are completely new to this it doesn’t mean that they will make a wrong choice.

Never ever let a friend or relative fight for you. When you are charged with a serious criminal offense you should look for a skilled and experienced specialist who understands the nature of your case. This is one of the major reasons why more and more people look for lawyers that specialize in criminal law.

Before carrying out the research its first important to know the kind of lawyer you exactly want. Keep reading this post to know the steps which can help you choose the best criminal defense lawyer. Have a look at the following steps:

Get Referral And Recommendations

Referral and recommendation from a friend, family or co-worker can help you find the best criminal lawyer. You can either look online or directory to find the right presentation. However, it’s advisable to do a background research to learn about their services. Reading the reviews and testimonials will give you an idea about reliability standard law & legal definition lawyer.

Look for a lawyer who has reputable references to contact- you can have a talk with them to find more about the attorney. If you have some time in your busy schedule, a quick courtroom observation is one of the best ways to find a lawyer. Attending the public session will give you a detailed idea of how well the lawyers deal with the case.

Have A Word With The Lawyer Personally

Anyone can claim that they can offer the best assistant. However, it’s always a good idea to meet the lawyer to analyse their skills and confidence so that you can make the best choice. Ask him to show the certification and find out whether they have any experience in the particular niche. Furthermore, you should also take some time to learn how they approach the case.

If you feel there is something wrong you should immediately look for some other option. You should never ever hire an attorney who makes you feel uncomfortable. Always look for someone who can guarantee you a win and will charge the right price for the services. Keep all these great tips in mind to hire the best attorney.